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by Alain Hoffmann

Part three: Mulhouse

The morning of the last day is dedicated to a bit of culture. Nearby Mulhouse is home to some of the most exciting museums of France.

The National Railway Museum (english page) , the Musée National du Chemin de Fer (page en francais) has a large collection of all railway memorablia and locomotives. For anyone interested in rail travel it's a definitive must.

GPS N: 47° 45,029, S: 7° 17,559



The Schlumpf collection forms the National Automobile Museum. It houses 400 of the best and most expensive classic cars ever built (but no Land Rover). The Schlumpf brothers owned large factories and collected hundreds of Bugattis and others in an old factory storehouse for their private joy. The collection was kept well hidden. When the financial empire of the brothers broke down angry workers smashed the doors and to their great surprise found a real treasure in those innocent looking warehouses.

GPS N: 47° 45,614 S: 7° 19,681

Museum Electropolis. The largest museum dedicated to electrical power. There are more than 10 000 items in the Museum's collections, ranging from the electrical battery to the hydraulic turbine including an electrostatic machine from the 18th century, electronic games from the 20th century and household appliances.

GPS N: 47°44,955 S: 7°17,668. Near the Railway Museum.