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A weekend trip in the Northern Vosges and Alsace

Difficulty: 0
Danger: 0
Views: 3-4
Interest: Scenery, fine eating and drinking, small roads
Is it worth doing? Nice family or motorbike trip. Excellent 4x4 in winter.
Suitable for: Any Landrover, any driver

Maps recommended: Michelin 87: Vosges/Alsace at 1:200.000

The starting point is the exit "Sarreguemines", located between Strasbourg and Metz.

Alsace is defined by the Vosges, the mountain range on the western and northern side of the province. This part of France offers the greatest concentration of excellent restaurants in the whole country. More 4 and 5 star eateries can be found here than anywhere else. The Vosges are a mountain range with the highest points reaching over 1300 metres. the flatter land between the Vosges and the Rhine.

All the tracks shown here are tarmac only. The area is covered in dense forests but most of them are gerated by the ONF, the "Office National des Forets". Although they do in many cases not have the right to close off areas they do. And if you get caught using a greenlane which is signposted as closed it will take a long time and tedious work to claim back the money you were ticketed for.

The trip is divided in 3 parts.

Part 1 is good for a morning drive. Arriving at Sarreguemines around 10 AM will leave you plenty of time to reach the end of the morning trip at Petite Pierre in time for lunch.

Part 2 will guide you through some beautiful scenery to Guebwiller all the way down south near Mulhouse. Here you can find some excellent restaurants and hotels.

Part 3 shows you where the interesting museums at Mulhouse are located.

Navigation and GPS

If you use a GPS you should download the 2 tracks. Right click on the links below and chose "Save file..."
Click here for Track 1, Sarreguemines to Petite Pierre.
Click here for Track 2, Petite Pierre to Guebwiller.
Click here for remarkable waypoints in the Vosges and Alsace.

Here are the links for the maps you need:
Part 1 is the picture, and here's the calibration file for OziExplorer
Part 2 consists of several maps: Map 1(Petite Pierre to Nideck), Map 2 (Oberhaslach to Col de la Schlucht) and Map 3 (Col de la Schlucht to Guebwiller). And here are the calibration files: Map 1, Map 2, Map 3

Save all the files in the same directory and it should work immediately. If you don't use OziExplorer for viewing the tracks you will not see the roads in an overlay.

But now let's start the trip.