Greenlaning tips - Slovenija

Some nice gravel roads are in the area south of Bled in the northern part of Slovenija. Nothing remotely challenging but nice.Yellow Arrows: Start the trip at the camping just on the western edge of Bohinjska Bistrica (large yellow arrow). On the main crossing drive straight on, direction Tolmin. The tarmac road winds up the mountain. After 8 Km you come to an junction where the road for Tolmin winds suddenly up to the right. Take the road left which turns to a large gravel track after a few hundred meters. About 8 Km later you come to another junction where the track to the left leads to Rovtarica, the right one goes to Zelezniki. Turn left, pass the few huts which form the village of Rovtarica and stay on the main track. After a while a track comes up from the left. Take that one. The picture below is taken here.

Now always stay on the main track and continue downhill until you reach a major road near Lipnice. That should be about 30-40 Km of gravel tracks

For this and the following trip you may want to buy the 1:50.000 map to the left. It's available at the campground in Bohinjska Bistrica.

The next trip starts in Drazgose, north of Jelezniki (below)

Green Arrows: Take care, heavy logging operations on this track.

Coming from Zelezniki you climb some pairs of Serpentines up to the little village of Drazgose. In a slight right turn a very small tarmac road turns off to the left and uphill. Follow it uphill and stay on the tarmac. After the climb the tarmac ends and you come to an "Y". Take the left track. Now follow always the most used track. After a while you will drive along the cliff but view is blocked by the dense forest. Always continue until you reach a large gravel track (large arrow). Take right and continue until you reach the intersection near Rovtarica (see above). Turn left for Bohinjska Bistrica.

Many more tracks are available in this area but don't use them if you drive alone. There are treacherous mud holes that can swallow your car. And cell phones do not work in this area.