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The End of the world

...isn't that near. Hopefully. In reality it's nothing else than the name of the campground the roadbook starts at. The "Camping du Bout du Monde" lies in a small village named Engreux at N50 07.120 E5 42.380, about 14 Km west of Houffalize.

I made this roadbook again for my birthday, this time in July 1984. This allowed me to celebrate with friends AND having a good reason to drive off road.

Sadly this is now already 15 years ago and I can't remember too much about this one. Just that it was great fun on a terrible hot day and after a looong roadbook the evening before. The last guys came back from that one at around 5 AM while the first start was cheduled for 9 AM. Needless to say that I saw a bunch of sad looking, bad humoured guys hanging at the "Buvette" to get their cup of coffee.

But let's see what I still can remember about it...

First this one starts at box 136, than 134 and so on, going down pair numbers until ...4-2-1-3-5..., well you see what I mean. Watch also for the correct numbers on the boxes and where the point is (hint, hint).

Legal notice: Driving this one may be not legal. Probably you will be shot right then and there or just caught, trown in prison and sold as slave. No, seriously now. There are loong stretches of forests, both in Luxembourg and Belgium. In both countries it's unlawful to drive dirt tracks through forests anymore. Also you will pass on several occasions through rivers- another source of trouble. You can probably get away if you drive it with a single car or a Quad. But don't bet on it. Also there is absolutely NO warranty that the tracks still exist like they did. Last driven: 1985!

The picture left was probably taken on that day but I'm not sure about it. It IS typical for that region of the Ardennes. And, no, it's not me being stuck there. Hell, I was IN FRONT of him.

So you have been warned. But now on to the roadbook. As usual click on the numbers below, the picture of the page opens and you only have to print it out.

That's all about this. Please give me any feedback if you find errors or omissions.