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From Towns and Rivers

From Luxembourg to the Moselle

Difficulty: 2 (3-4 when wet)
Danger: 0
Views: 2
Interest 2
Is it worth doing? Yes, great in snow, easy in other seasons.
Suitable for: Any Landrover, any driver in dry weather
Time needed: about 3 hours

This rather short topo was made for the local Land Rover dealer although I'm not sure if it ever was driven. It was chosen for the rather easy approch making it accessible for Freelanders and novice drivers in all but heavy weather conditions. There aren't many hedges or deep ruts and you should normally not get stuck. I drove this with an test Freelander and was surprised how well it went even on greasy downhills.

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Now for the usual explications

Page 1:

Starting point is at the Land Rover Luxembourg premises on the Route de Thionville at Luxembourg city. They are easy to find if you drive from the railway station towards Frisange and Thionville(south). The start is on the main road and you drive to Frisange, the border village to France (box 2).

No further problem until box 15 where you should not drive into the ruts if you haven't much ground clearance.

Picture left is at box 27.

Page 2

Not much to say here. After box 18 is a long, gentle but very greasy ascent. Watch where you put your tyres.

After box 25 is an not-so-gentle uphill which might take some careful planning for low Freelanders.

Page 3

In box 2 the path isn't obvious. The local farmer uses to plow right through the way so it isn't visible at some times of the year. Else look for traces. The way continues a bit lower and a bit to the right where it follows a fence downhill. Use low box downhill if it's greasy.

In box 11 it's a bit the same problem. You come out through high hedges and the path seems to vanish (picture left). If you really look well there are traces running from left to right. Drive left and keep near the hedges. There are several ditches to be crossed carefully later on. In winter they can pose a real challenge.

In box 15 you are back on the main road from Thionville to Mondorf. Turn right and follow the road to Mondorf (border) and back to the start.