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Les Hauts de Jalaumont

DON'T click here for a map with waypoints and track, it will really spoil your fun. !LARGE IMAGE- 1,2MB!
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Click here for the waypoints in a downloadable form for your GPS. No warranty on accuracy!

Difficulty: 3(4-5 when wet)
Danger: 1-2
Views: 2
Interest 3
Is it worth doing? Yes, might be a mudbath in winter and spring.
Suitable for: Reasonably equipped cars only. Some belly clearance needed.
Time needed: about 5 hours (may go up to 10 in wet season)

This was a roadbook my friend Serge and I made for our local 4x4 club Diddelenger Wullmeis. It presented quite a challenge as it was run on March 18th, 1990. Total lenght is 49,75 Km.

At that time we always had some sort of challenge to give away prices for the first 3. To keep the speed low we put an average speed of 18 km/h on them. Also there were signs hanging at places they had to find. Click here for the original rules as, a scan of those the competitors got (german).

Not ALL the roads are shown. If in doubt continue on the main track until you are sure the distances don't work out anymore.

Picture above was taken on that day. It was the best weather we could wish for: Some days of heavy rain helped softening the terrain and thick fog limited visibility to less than 100 metres. The tracks were as slippery as an oil covered garage floor like Gast shows here in the that time new Patrol. Today he's already at his 3th Land Rover Defender. Somehow the Nissan didn't cut it.

Now for the roadbook. Click on the picture links below, safe them and print them out.

Optionally the pages 3A-3C fit after the box 24 on page 3. The first box on page 3A replaces box 25 on page 3. Pretty obvious.

Now for the usual precisions:

Page 1:

Start is at the pub Thillebierg. No street signs. I have no idea if it still exists. The approximative position is N49° 31,341 and E 5° 53,012. Anyway, if you don't find it you only have to drive Hussigny which is marked. Just when reaching the old frontiers' house (marked Vesquenhaff) you will be at situation 1 on page 1. OK?
Box 30: Watch out for the ditch.

Page 2:

Box 15 has sometimes a copious amount of mud. AND you have to drive uphill.
Between 20 and 21 the path may be very overgrown. If you want to avoid scratches don't turn into 20 but go on for a short distance and take the next narrow tarmac road left. Soon you will arrive at box 21 but from the left.

Page 3:

Box 11: Look exactly at the drawing.
Box 25: Turn right if you wish to do the pages 3A-3C. Else turn left.
Box 29: Scratches highly likely on this downhill. May be overgrown to the point of no longer being driveable. Think of the wildlife nesting in those hedges before you consider pushing through.

Page 3A:

Between 29 and 31 risk of deep mud and ruts.

Page 3B:

Box 4: Keep left if the track isn't visible. Grass grows over in spring.
Box 7: Keep IN the track. Nasty short fenceposts are hidden in the grass on the sides.
Between 11 and 13 also possible overgrown. Some ruts too.

Page 3C:

Box 5 is the same as box 34 on page 3.

Page 4:

Box 20: Hidden stones. Lane hard to see. Drive cautiously. If in doubt turn right to the tarmac, then left and you reach point 21 near the forest.
Box 25: Watch out for football players. If there's a match turn round and try another way. Most lanes end on this large lane BEHIND the playground. Don't venture too deep in this forest, it has some serious mud traps.
Between 33 and 34: This is a ROAD. Watch out for deep potholes filled with water and oncoming trafic. Picture above is on that track.
End is in Belvaux near a restaurant.

That's all about this. Please give me any feedback if you find errors or omissions.