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A trip over the Belgium-Luxemburg border

Difficulty: 1-2
Danger: 0
Views: 2
Interest 2
Is it worth doing? Yes, great in snow, easy in other seasons.
Suitable for: Any Landrover, any driver
Time needed: about 4-5 hours

This tulip-style roadbook has its start at the village of Doennange in the north of Luxembourg. The exact position of the first and last situation is N 50°03,509 and E5° 57,167. This used to be a very interesting pub/restaurant but when I last visited it was closed. Too bad.

If you need the signs explained look here.

It will lead you to the ruins of an old canal from the Moselle to the Meuse. You should really have a look at the tunnel in which the ships were supposed to cross the highest stretch. Although it's were sandy you get a good view of it. Just a note: on an earlier roadbook the participants had to swim/row into the tunnel to find a sign put up inside. A little spice was added by the fact that most people only arrived way after midnight. :-)

For the rest it's rather easy but expect some scratches depending on the time of the year. Some greenlanes might be overgrown in summer and hard to see. They are great fun in winter too but then it's hard to find the tracks. See below for some pictures taken on the same track in full winter. And, no, we couldn't drive ALL the track.

Load down the 6 pages of roadbook and print them out. They are reduced to a resolution of 92 dpi. If anything is unclear you can recontact me. Legally it shouldn't pose a problem to drive them.