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My very first roadbook

This here is the very first roadbook I made in July 1983 to celebrate my birthday with my friends. It wasn't very hard. not by terrain nor by reading. But it showed already most of the symbols I kept until today. LAST DRIVEN: 1985

Start is at Steinfort, the border village when you drive from Luxembourg to Arlon in Belgium. The exact place is the parking lot in front of the "Mairie"- not sure if you may still park there today. The end is some kilometres south of Martelange on the luxembourg-belgian border.

Legal notice: Driving this one may be not legal. Probably you will be shot right then and there or just caught, trown in prison and sold as slave. No, seriously now. There are loong stretches of forests, both in Luxembourg and Belgium. In both countries it's unlawful to drive dirt tracks through forests anymore. Also you will pass on several occasions through rivers- another source of trouble. You can probably get away if you drive it with a single car or a Quad. But don't bet on it. Also there is absolutely NO warranty that the tracks still exist like they did.

At that time I was a proud owner of a Suzuki LJ 80 pictured above, a tiny 4x4 with a tremendous off road capability. It's the only car I ever owned that can match and outrun even the best Land Rover 90V8 ever built. Sadly a bad case of terminal rust separated us after an all-too-short life. I darely miss the little funny car- except in winter.

But here is the roadbook if you still dare to risk it.

Please contact ALAIN for roadbook copies

The usual explications:

Page 1:

14 were ruts and mud. Nothing to worry about.
19 was narrow. Follow main track.
20. Badly visible
21. Tight turn. Dont drive into the field.
28. Narrow path, mostly motorcycles, search for passage.
37 steps
50. Steep uphill with deep ruts.
54. Go down into the ditch where the way is. (Probably either very overgrown now or no problem at all).
56. Follow the main track in the ditch.
58. Mud.
63. Potholes.

Page 2:

67. Overgrown.
73. Potholes and mud for the next 1100 metres.
90. Distance reading is 80m, out over a ledge.
96. Deep washouts.
103. Ruts.
114. Narrow.

Page 3:

5-6: Old railroad, was funny to drive.
13. Very dangerous road.
28. Quite technical and narrow passage.
38. Ford in the middle of the village.
41. Ford in the middle of the village after a downhill.
51. Passage to the left barely vissible.
52. Narrow.

Page 4:

 66. Down and into the river.
67. Follow the riverbed. Narrow, thick rocks, deep waterholes.
68. Out to the right. The exit left is bottomless. At least deeper than a Suzuki.
72-73. Uphill.
78. Deep pothole to the left.
92. Mud
104. Arrival at the barbecue. Continue for some hundred metres and you fall onto a road. Take that one left and in no time you are on the main road from Arlon to Bastogne. Left is Arlon, right is Bastogne.

That's all about this. Please give me any feedback if you find errors or omissions.