Best of both worlds?

Anyone reading those magazines and who doesn't live in the UK asks: "What's a Hybrid". Oh it's very simple. A Hybrid is a cross between Series vehicles and more modern Land Rovers.

They are a testimony of the skills or lack of them of their builders. Quality varies from factory-like to simply horrible.
A typical Hybrid does not exist. However some general tendencies can be seen. Mostly coil springs are used together with an Series body.

Here is an typical Hybrid, for once not of UK origins. Shown at Stainbourg / Belgium in Winter 14.2.99
On what to call a Hybrid and what is "only" a modification can be argued. I categorize them just by personal judgement.

This blue one is apparently a cross between some Series III body parts and newer coil sprung vehicles.

A good starting point is by choosing a new chassis like these one from Designa Chassis. They make all sorts of lenghts like 109" Series chassis which will adopt coil springs etc.

They cost about 1100 £ for a 109, cheaper for 88's and Lightweights

Lightweihts are a popular base and can be nicely equipped with big tires
This red 88 is a very nice example of what can be done with a limited number of new body parts.
A crossbreed between an MG and Range Rover/110 mechanics.