Quickly removable door hinges


You surely know those Jeep doors that can be taken off without tools in less than a minute. No similar devices are available for Land Rovers and I wondered why. As I disassembled one of those hinges I found out why- it's already built in.

The hardened steel pin that joins the 2 halves can be driven out from the downside. The upper hole is slightly bigger. Clean the pin and grease it well. So it will come out next time with one or two slight helps with a hammer and punch.

Before you do this however you will have to remove a safety pin inside the sliding part that keeps the door from opening too wide. Look at it, it's easier to understand than to explain. Time to remove a door? Less than a minute. Now for the next question: What shall I do with the doors? And for remounting it you will need about 10 minutes as the doors are heavy.

In some places local laws impose some restraint system like a cable or chain in the opening. Check it before you drive without.