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Made by the factory or to their standards by professionals

This is such a wast field it's almost impossible to limit so I can only give examples. Some pictures still don't have a link, I'll add these as soon as possible. I'll also try to add lots more to this page- as soon as I get time.

Military vehicles

The 110-inch gun tractor

The Centaur half-tracked vehicle

The Pink Panther

The Portugese army truck

The XD -"Wolf"

The Australian Perenties

Series based vehicles

Military vehicles

The Forest Rover

The amphibian versions

The Shorland armored Landrovers

The Cuthbertson conversion

Dormobile and Carawagons

The Minerva

The 100"-prototypes

Coil-sprung chassis based

The Camel Trophy vehicles

The Ibex

The Roadrailer

The Foley camper conversion


The SVX Project Vehicle

The Shorland of Antenne2

Discovery based vehicles

The cut-away model

Range Rover based vehicles

The Velar

Ambulance & Emergency vehicles

The Dakar

The 6x6 conversions

Freelander based

The Camel Trophy Freelanders


The State Review Vehicles

The delivery lorry


Firefighting vehicles

The "Judge Dredd" mobiles


Racing Rovers

by Alain Hoffman, repaired by Annette 22nd Feb.,2002