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Stage One - The later years.

by Annette Flottwell

Here are a couple of fine UK Station wagons and LHDs from all over Europe.

John's previous Station Wagon

The details for the Stage One Station Wagon - which incidentally I have just sold and it is being exported to a Land Rover addict in America - Chassis No:SALLBCMV1AA162168 - FIRST REGISTERED 10.08.1982 except for...



They were no very popular in the UK, but now they are rediscovered

The Kingsley Hughes family also owners an early, well kept Stage One:

We've got a stage one 109 that we're very proud of. Here's the chassis number

Date: 09/02/82

Please don't share the email address (hate spam!) but we have a page about her on our website that you are welcome to share if you wish.
She's still going strong. 85,000 on the clock and just a did a JOG-LE (John O'Groats to Land's End run.)

-I think that Stage One has been built earlier than that, but a garage may have used for a while. (A.)

We met the previous owner of this fine blue Safari in billing last year. I think it was Nigel, the then owner, who inspired me to tjink of a Stage One egister. He sold this lovely truck in January, the new owner will love the galvanized chassis LBCMV1AA163838.

In case the new owner reeds this, please contact me.

Another well preserved Stage One, how many of these are still around?

Didier Houry from Clairefontaine, Belgium found this Stage One two years ago. It had belonged to the National Geographic institute of Belgium, kept for the sole purpose of recovering the other 20 odd Land Rovers of this institution. As Belgium does not have many dangerous rainforests and lonely deserts, this beauty had only 26.00 kms on the tach when Didier found it. At the Goodwill meeting I convinced him to bring it for a photo session.

To be continued with your help!!

About thirty other Stage One owners have sent their chassis numbers. I'll make a nice database of their contributions, but I'm still hoping for more Stage Ones and more Photos. PLEASE send me more!!!


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