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by Alain Hoffmann

The Roadrailer

The specialised firm Right Track Construction of Atherton, Lancashire owns 2 special Landrovers built by Permaquip of Giltbrooke, Nottimghamshire, worth about £100000. One is a 110 high-cap pickup, the other a 130 crew cab.

Using the "Hy-Rail" conversion, the Rovers can be quickly made to run on railway tracks. They can tow 2 loaded trailers and may travel at a speed of 15mph on rails. They have proven worth every Penny, sad a spokesman of the company. In fact many places requiring attention can only be reached by rail. So you either have to dispatch a work train and by this blocking the whole line. Or you can run those Landrovers, drive them clear off the tracks close to the woking place and have the tracks free again.

The vehicles carry standard British Rail safety devices including front and rear lightning and an air horn. When driving on tracks the steering is firmly locked in the dead-ahead position.

However this is not the first conversion of Landrovers using railway tracks. In the 1960's a diesel-powered 109 was capable of hauling a train weighing 50-60 tons. Stopping was another problem, however.