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1. If you put rope tight around the globe and add then a 10 metre long piece, by how much can you then lift the rope?    
Not at all
0,031416 cm
about 1,6 metres
  2. In the movie " The Canons of Navarone" how many canons were in the fortification?
You couldn't see them at all

3. What's Bigger, Europe or Australia?

4. In 1988 a car won the american Trans-Am championship after only 12 of the 15 competitions. What was this car?

5. What's the name of the 114 chapters of the Koran?

6. What's the name of the group of islands lying exactly opposite of Greenwich?

7. How many poles does the Earth have?

8. Which organ consumes about 25% of the oxygen in the human body?

9. How much does the chance goes up for getting head when you trow a dime and you already had 7 times in a row the other side?
Not at all -----6x----- -----7x----- ----64x----

10. What does Asterix wear as decor on his helmet?

11. Which tyre wears the least in a fast left turn?

12. What's the longest river on the Eurasian continent?

13. Caligula named a famous Senator. What was his most unusual aspect?

14. Under which name the gangster "Scarface" was better known?

15. Mohammed Ali was world champion but got his title removed. Why?

16. What happens in Portugal with the bull after the fight?

a) nothing at all b) If he showed bravery he got an ear cut off c) the meat is donated to the poor

17. Who wrote a song about his father and mother-in-law and their life in the countryside (german)?

18. Which color has pure Nicotin?

a) Deep black

19. What did Robert Scott find when he reached the North Pole in 1912?

a) Nothing as he was the first human to be here

b) Traces of their predecesors

c) An igloo containing food and medicine left by a search party.

20 In which TV Series Dr Kimble had his appearances?

a) on the run

b) Dr Marcus Welby

c) The Hospital in the Black Forest

21. Which country has the ID:



22. Who invented the Jeans?

23. Where does the name "Tasmania" come from?

a) It was derived from the "Tasmanian Devil".

b) From the explorer Abel Tasman

c) It's the word for "Big Forest" in Aboriginal language.

24. Who played Miss Emma Peel in the Series "The Avengers"?

25. What's the oldest city on Earth that's still inhabited?

a) Jericho

b) Athens

c) Rome

d) Bagdad

26. Which name bore the first american space capsule?

27. What are the biggest dogs?

28. How many stop signs were at the last situation? (Before the restaurant)

29. What's the name of the village the roadbook ends in?

30. What are the names of the following comic people?

31. Name the countries of the following maps

32. What was the earliest 4x4 maker still in business?

33. In which town the following 4x4s are built?

a) Land Rover

b) Jeep TJ

c) Lada Niva