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Backroads and Byways

Difficulty: 1
Danger: 2
Views: 2-3
Interest 2
Suitable for: Any Landrover, any driver, even motorcycles
Time needed: a full day

This particular roadbook was made for touristic activities. So if you once travel through the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and have a day or even some hours to spend it may be a good idea to drive this one. It is 99% on tarmac. But don't let the word tarmac fool you. Many of those roads are just a narrow stretch of the black stuff, barely enough to fit a well grown Land Rover on them. Add to this the few locals who use them not counting on any trafic coming up and you know why I have put a "2" in the danger rating.

Start is at Schouweiler, a village in southern Luxembourg. It lies halfway between Luxembourg city and Longwy in France.

Start and end is at the football playground. Exact position is N 49° 34,771 and E 5° 56,659.

Now download the maps below and print them out. Each will nicely fit on an A4 page.

Please contact ALAIN for roadbook copies
Now for the usual comments
Page 1:

Start is at Schouweiler. There is a filling station at box 18.

The stretch between 24 and 25 is particularly narrow. Take care.

Page 4:

Another very narrow road is between 9 and 10.

We had a Barbecue at that time at 16 on that page. There is also a ford here in which you will pass if you continue. Usually it's not that deep, about 20 cm in summer. But during flood it may be more than half a metre deep and with a strong flow. It is then NOT possible to pass. The ford belongs to a private campground and may only be passed by guests and at their own risk.

If you choose not to cross the river simply stay on the main road at 14 and you come up at the box 2 on page 5 from the left side.

Page 5:

The first off road stretch comes with box 12. The picture on top with the Series III was taken there. The path is usually cleared by the local farmer and shouldn't present any problem except a few scratches. BUT once you are out of this track you are on a section with general trafic interdiction. Sure, nobody cares for it but you could legally be ticketed for being here.

Another factor is that you are in immediate neighbourhoud to our main military camp. This never was a problem but after the terror attacks on the WTC this may have changed.

The next off road stretch comes between box 22 and 24. The 101 pictured above was taken here as well as the Discovery to the left. This is only a relative short downhill, maybe half a kilometre but may be heavily overgrown as it's not much used. Scratches are guaranteed.

If you want to avoid this drive left at 22, then right twice and you will fall onto 24 from above.

Page 6:

At 10 you cross a main bycicle way. Take great care.

Between 21 and 22 were roadworks at the time we made this. They are hopefully over now.

Page 7:

Box 4: You come to the castle of Meysembourg. This is privately owned and cannot be visited. It belongs to an japanese religious sect. But it still makes for a damn good photo opportunity.

Box 26 is a very dangerous situation. Trafic on the crossing road is extremely fast and visibility is very low. Take care, this is one of the most dangerous roads in the country.