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by Alain Hoffmann

Part 3: Old military roads in Liguria

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Waypoint 88: If you choose not to take the narrow stretch you come from the right. In any case you turn uphill on tarmac near the ruined house.
Waypoint 89, Passo Gota. Here is a small restaurant, great for a stop if you didn't pack any food. Immediately after the parking the road splits in 2, one going straight and one to the right, signposted Pigna. We took the straight one but you can choose either one as it's a roundcourse.

Waypoint 90: In a large curve you cross a narrow bridge (nice picnic places) and then tarmac ends.

Waypoint 91: Straight on.
Soon you will come to a tunnel. But watch out... may be inhabited!

Local cows use it as shelter from sun, wind and snow. So the ground is well covered in manure. And the cows think they are the owners of the place. Beware of wild bulls.

Waypoint 92: Turn right onto the lane uphill. Soon it starts to climb sharply, low box makes the ascent much easier. Go slowly, there are some steps in the lane.
Waypoint 93: Picture right. This gives you an idea of the steepness of the track. Watch the angle of the door and the horizon. In the valley far away you can see Ventimiglia and the Mediterranean Sea.
Waypoint 94: Turn right. Left is signposted as "Foret Domaniale de la Tete d'Alpe". So you are probably on french ground now.
Waypoint 95: Go straight.
Waypoint 96: Again straight on. Again signposts to the left "Foret Domaniale de la Tete d'Alpe".

Waypoint 97: Very nice picnic spot. Would make for a nice camping site too but I doubt it's allowed.

Waypoint 98: Turn left on the main track.
Waypoint 99: Here is a turnoff to the left but I suggest you go straight on. To the left you can reach the "Col de Muraton". If you drive o straight there you soon reach a shelter hut which makes a base for climbers (Waypoint 100). There's also a track to the right and down. According to the map this one goes down almost all the way. But judging the overgrown state I doubt it. If you have time to spare it may be worth a try however.
Waypoint 89 again: You reach the Passo Gouta from the other side. All that's left now is going back down all the way to the main road at the bottom of the valley.
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