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by Alain Hoffmann

Part 2: Old military roads in Liguria

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Waypoint 81: Follow the main road for about 9 km until you find a road to the left signposted Passa Gouta. Turn left and take this road.

Waypoint 82: Straight on. A road comes from the right.

Waypoint 83, picture right: Here you have 2 possibilities. You can go straight on, or better a bit to the right, signposted Gouta. This option is for newer vehicles and less experienced drivers. Also for Freelanders I recommend this one. You will reach the track later at waypoint 88.

Or you can turn left. This one is described here. Note that there is no warranty of the road being passable or that it doesn't slide off under your weight. Also it's probably overgrown with thick thorny bushes. Large stones may rip open your diffs. If the path is blocked you might have to backtrack more than a kilometre on a VERY narrow and dangerous mountain track. So be warned.

Waypoint 84: A greenlane comes from the right near a cross. Take that one uphill. It immediately starts to get nasty (picture right).

Waypoint 85: The picture right is taken here. Watch where you put your tyres. The path is only a few cm larger than a Defender in most places. But on other places it's narrower... The co-driver should watch his side closely for loose stones that may switch under the weight of your Landrover. It's a long way down and the picture just doesn't do this justice. Beware of some places where you have to drive off-camber. This is definitely NOT a stretch to be taken when wet.

Waypoint 87: After some tight corners you reach the main track again. After the last few kilometres it looks like a motorway. Turn left and uphill. You no longer need difflock and low box.

Now the track goes uphill through some very nice, lush forests (right).

Waypoint 87: Turn right and downhill. This is a nice place to picnic. There's a good spot just before the intersection and you can watch the old milepost hidden in the hedges nearby.

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