The TNT Travelmanager Europe

Covers: Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK (not Ireland), BeNeLux, Austria, France, Italy, Danmark
Version tested: 1.02a, date tested May 2002. Pack contains 6 CDs.
Languages: German, english, french, dutch, italian, swedish, danish
Size copied onto your Harddisk: 230 MB. Runs stable.
Able to run without CD inserted: Yes, but at reduced detail level. At startup however one CD must be inserted.
Mapset used: NavTech, dated 2000
Additional features: Powerful wayfinding utility
Able to work with OziExplorer: No
Moving map display: No
Manufacturer: Andes BV, a member of TNT Post group
Price: Official retail price: 40 € for the Deluxe version with 6 CDs, about 4-6 € less for the single CD version. Exists as DVD version too.

This is yet another product based on the well known MapTech data set. As the base set is quite accurate you can expect good details - and you get them. The product is mainly aimed at home users and professionals all over Europe.
Detail level of most countries is quite acceptable. This all depends of the MapTech data set which is common to many products- they show all the same amount of details. See at the left for the approximate coverage. This is just an estimation however. Black spots show local full coverage. This means that even in Italy Rome might be fully covered.
The main screen shows a full screen map plus two rows of icons above. The upper row of icons lets you change map views, choose additional features to be displayed (like fuel stations) and the settings. The icons in the second row are for route finding (start, intermediate and end points) zoom and search.

Left: The village of Perl/Germany on the french/luxemburgish/german border. What shows immediately is the difference in detailing between this mapset and the FALK maps which use virtually the same dataset. Click here to compare to the Falk map. Germany in the right is not very detailed compared to Luxembourg on the left side. This is at the second highest magnification level. This gives you an idea of the differences between countries which should both be covered at 100%.
This is Perl at the highest resolution. Not very detailed, isn't it?
Schengen in Luxembourg shows at least some street names although most are only labeled as "local roads".
GPS is not supported. It's a shame as the product would lend itself very good for this purpose. The data files are stored in a compressed native format so you can't even use it with any other moving map program.
The "Search"-function is quite acceptable but a bit dependant of the database. So you may well miss the exact location for many adresses. Except this it's ok. The wayfinding option allows for fastest, shortest and cheapest roads and lets you calibrate the cost to your specific car.
For this price you get a good mapset of many european countries. The missing GPS emulation costs it a full point rating.
Overall rating: 3,5 out of 5
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