Hidden features
The track profile display

This very interesting screen is well hidden. You open the track control (of course you must first load a track), select a track by clicking on it, then you choose the "+" sign. A drop down window opens in which you choose "Track Profile".

Range Rings

Range Rings show distance from center (your position): Fully customizable in metrics and imperial sizes, from metres (even decimals of metres) to 500 miles all is possible- For TDi engined Land Rovers I suggest a grid of 7 or 8 km which will be equivalent to 1 litre of diesel consumed in real world conditions. V8's choose a 4 km grid. So each ring will show one litre burned - very important if you are running low on fuel.

Accessible through: "Moving Map" - "Range Rings Setup"


A Map Grid is a net of equally spaced lines. Choose between geographic grid (degrees, minutes, seconds) or metric/imperial grid as you like. Custom geographic grid also possible. Control screen of grid can be reached via "Map" - "Grid Line Setup"

The Compass Rose

The Compass Rose shows the same indication a real compass gives you. Can be accessed via "File" - "Configuration" - "Navigation" - "Compass". Fully customizable including orientation, size and color.

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