The menu bar
Under the "File" menu you find several options of which most are self-explaining. With just a few exceptions.
Load and calibrate map image: This is for importing scanned (or other digital) maps.
Check calibration of map lets you revise the calibration work. Look also under "Troubleshooting"
Import Map allows to use maps in other formats (picture below). If you want to know more about those formats refer to the help file in OziExplorer.

The "Select" menu allows the selection of waypoints etc , to crop those you want and to put them in a file. It also allows to copy the map to the clipboard.
The "View" menu has some very interesting options (picture right). The "Distance Display" opens 2 new small windows (below). Here you can measure distances directly on the map. It also distplays leg lengths and other info.

Other options are a simulated GPS and Route, Track and Points editors
The "Map" menu lets you change the way the map looks. It also allows you to switch on a grid over the map via "Grid Line Setup". You can either use a geographical grid or a metric grid from 500 km to 1 m. (Picture below)
The "Options" menu allows a search as well as some interesting changes to the screen display (below).
The name search lets you search in a database You can download such databases for free and import them directly. See for details on where to find those datas.
The option "Night Vision" puts a red filter over the screen so you can use the display while driving at night. This really works surprisingly good. "Set Intensity" allows to reduce screen brightness while keeping the colors and is well suited for driving in dim light conditions like in cities at night.
The "Moving Map" menu (right): Moving map control switches on a sidebar on the right with various detail information as well as control switches.
Show GPS Fix Data shows you how many satellites you are receiving and how precise the values are.
Start and Stop NMEA communication with GPS opens or closes the communication. If you use a laptop and close it you must manually click once on those when you restart.
Show NMEA Input & Output shows you which data are transferred from the GPS to the computer.
NMEA Simulator lets you test the program without a GPS connected.
Range Rings setup is similar to the grid but centers on your position. This can be customised to your liking and is very useful if you are running low on fuel.
The "Navigation" menu has fewer options as it's just for setting up the way you navigate.
The next menu is called in this case "Garmin" but this can change depending on which GPS make you choose in the configuration. It's contents does also change depending on which options your GPS allows.
The last menu is the very good "Help" file.
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