The Icons bar
There are several sub-menues hidden in this bar.
The "Load"-icon
Load map file - loads an already calibrated map
Open Recent Maps - shows an extensive list of the last maps displayed
Clear Recent Maps List - deletes this list and lets you start a new one
Load waypoints from file - Loads a list of waypoints from file. Waypoints are usually entered manually into your GPS to mark a special point.
Load events from file - basically the same but only supported by some manufacturers.
Load track from file (multi)- this loads a track (the way you have driven) from a stored file. Multi means you can add several tracks onto the same map without overwriting them.
Load routes from file - loads a determined route from your harddisk
Load points from file lets you add several different points regardless if they are points, waypoint or track file.
Append Waypoints and Append Events adds both to those already loaded instead of replacing them. Append visible waypoints just adds those waypoints that are loacted on the currently loaded map.
Append track also adds a track without replacing the other tracks already loaded.
The last 3 options are for importing waypoints or map datas and you will probably not have to use them a lot.
The "Save" -icon

Save map file - saves the current map with all additions

The other save options are self-explaining except for Save Points to File lets you choose between a point file and waypoint file.

The export options below are seldom used. By them you can transfer and export datas.

Position and Set Waypoints on Map The mouse pointer will change to cross hairs, position the center of the pointer over the point where you want the Waypoint and press the Left mouse button. The Waypoint will be added in the default colors , style and symbol that has been set up in the configuration.

Position and Set Events on Map Events are objects which are used in Lowrance and Eagle GPS Receivers, they only have a position and a symbol so are efficient on memory. While they cannot be used in Garmin and Magellan GPS Receivers they can still be used on the Map to show location of points of interest etc.
The mouse pointer will change to cross hairs, position the center of the pointer over the point where you want the Event and press the Left mouse button. The Event will be added in the default colors, style and symbol that has been set up in the configuration.

Position and Set Map Features (top) or Map Comments (bottom) on Map Move the mouse pointer over the top of an object, the pointer changes to a finger and a text box appears (a hint) displaying some of the details about the object, this does not apply to Map Comments.
Pressing and holding down the Shift key and then pressing the left mouse button and holding it down allows you to drag the object to a new position. Remember that Map Features and Map Comments are saved with the map, so to make them permanent you must resave the map.
Manually create track point (top icon), "+" brings up the bearing and distance display, "°" lets you create a point manually With the mouse pointer on an active track point hold down the shift key, you can now drag the track point by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.

The top icon toggles the track control window on and off, the lower icon shows or hides tracks The lower button determines if the tracks (all of them) are displayed on the map. Click the button in and out and you will notice the track disappear and reappear. Make sure you leave the button pressed so the track is displayed.
The top icon brings up the point control window, the lower icon shows or hides the points  
Show and hides the route editor (top icon) and the route plot  
Top icon shows waypoint list, bottom shows distance between waypoints  
Show line (top) and show distance and bearing display  
Opens a small magnified window (for precise calibration purposes etc)  
Toggles a small window showing the whole map  
Reduces and magnifies the whole map view  
This is an important icon. The arrows permit to search for other maps in each direction, the point in the middle activates a search for other maps of the present location. The "x" locks the search to the present folder. Else it searches all the harddisk.  
Opens the index map if one is selected  
Activates a search by placename  
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