Troubleshooting OziExplorer
If I load a track nothing happens. File loaded but track does not show.
Check if your N/S and E/W tabs on all calibration points are correct. Check if you did not inverse Latitude and Longitude. Check in the Icon line for the icon labeled "Show/Hide tracks on map" and try it.
Some sort of track shows but it's a senseless line crossing the map in every direction.
You got one or more calibration points wrong. Goto "File" - "Check Calibration of Map". Now look at the points. Any significant difference between some of them? If you use topographical maps the degrees and minutes should be almost identical for all points. If you find one doubtful just try the little checkbox beside the "Image Coordinates". Unchecking this takes away just this point without deleting it. Just "Save" your work and if the track now shows correctly you know that this point was wrong. Open "File" - "Check Calibration of Map" again and put in a new point.
The track is slightly beside the actual road and I don't know where the mistake lies.

I got this error on "professionally" scanned maps too. The easiest way here is to "cheat" a bit. Click on the icon "Show/Hide Track Control". Click on the "+"tab.

Select Track Move Control from the drop down menu.

Now adjust the track until it covers the road correctly using the arrows. Of course this is cheating but it works.

I connected the GPS and the position arrow doesn't show up on the map.
Wait some minutes. The GPS must have a "Fix" which means it must locate several satellites to get a good position first. This may take some time. Check this first. If the GPS reached a good position it is is probably a language code error. Click on "Moving Map" - "Show NMEA Input & Output". A new window opens and you should see a lot of data quickly covering the screen. If it doesn't show up you probably have 2 different languages set. In OE go to "File" - "Configuration" - "GPS" (below). Check here if your GPS is correctly set. Watch especially for GPS Upload/Download Datum and GPS NMEA Output Datum. Now check your GPS. Does it have the same settings? If all else fails set the GPS to "NMEA only" and also switch OE to NMEA (in the filed "GPS Make" below). Now you should have a data flow.

For further help refer to the excellent helpfile in OE. For buyers of the full version Des Newman provides an excellent and quick help via email.

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