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his club is proud to run the largest Land Rover related site on The Net. (en français)
Here you can find anything about 55 years of life with Land Rovers, hints how to keep them in good shape, your experiences and many thousand pictures. I'm back to LR life after a nightmarish year of disasters and will work more on the site again.
New: Landypoint SARL sells quality LR parts from Series One to Freelanderat modest prices. Free technical support in 6 languages :)
We have found a volunteer who has translated a huge part of the Series pages into Dutch -thanks Peter!!

NEW: Oct. 2004: De Serie III pagina bestaat nu in het Nederlands. Alvast bedankt Peter voor de goede vertaling!!!! Monty's corner: Tom and Monty: a new love story. How to find Series LR chassis numbers and what they are good for. New stuff on the members page. The story page. How a Stage One made it to Vladivostok, the Land Rover and the priest and more.
Update Nov. 16th: Series III Stage I V8 Register now shows 29 member's pictures and 7 pages. Read here about Stage Ones in Australia and another Trinidad 88!

Voici les premières pages en français: Une version française de notre site est en construction. Lisez ici cette page en Here is the Billing report 2003.

Here you can complain about incompetent dealers, unfriendly salespersons and built-in defaults. For liability reasons this is a members only page. Please feel free to send your private horror stories even if you are not a member.

Non- linear physics of the 109 truckbed (Oct. 19th, An.) The Discovery from hell (Oct 18th, WH) A new Problem report form is introduced and I urge you to use it when sending questions. (Sept. 24) - Some easy reading: Friend Rob from Australia sent me a report of his outback holiday (August 23) - The members-only page got a new outfit (August 23) -

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What to do if the chassis rots awayThe humour page. Contains chapters about animals and Rovers, about silly traffic laws, about strange people, a street sign section and 200 reasons to own a Rover. Bumper stickers, secret traffic rules and "For Sale" terminology. Also Murphy's Laws on Land Rovers. And much more.

"Mom said there will come days like this" I grumbled, hanging upside down in the safety belts...


Well and truly stuck - with the wife's carWho did never have that uneasy feeling when he just got stuck in the same mud bog he got stuck in the day before? So many "Ooops" we remember with a mix of laughter and pain. Also: The infamous radar trap pictures.

We put a lot of efforts in our links listing. Currently we still believe it being one of the best Land Rover related lists on The Net. (16th Feb.,2002) Updated!!!

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The president Alain Hoffmann for general questions and coil sprung vehicles as Defenders and Discoveries.

Membership questions, travel or general Series LR questions, Links and pictures to the Secretary : Annette Flottwell

Series Three, emergency driving & recovery, and questions in foreign languages should be addressed to Takeo De Meter

For Series Two Landrovers please contact Matthias Brinkmann

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Freelander questions should be sent to David Feely

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Winston Churchills' own SeriesThe Series vehicles page covers the time from the start in 1948 up to the introduction of the coil sprung models. Here you find Series I, II and III as well as the 101's and various other Land Rover products. NL-versie:

Series III vehicles have their own section now and are covered by our Series corespondent Takeo De Meter. The Stage I V8 Register has its own page. For Series II related questions, please contact Matthias, Series One is now covered by Joachim von Cranach

Sinking a friend's car ...The Defender quickly became synonym of today's go-anywhere vehicle. Instantly recognizable as a 'classic' Land Rover it brought better performance and a great suspension. Here you will find a lot about this vehicle and the modifications that can be made.

Number 3 of the preproduction unitsFor some it's the worlds most luxurious 4x4, for others it's a lifestyle vehicle. Read here about the vehicle that made it to the Louvre - and through the Darian Gap.

Winter fun in 2001Initially designed to fill the gap between the ever more upscale Range and the quite utilitarian Defender the Discovery quickly proved THE best selling European 4x4. And it even is a darn good offroader.

In 1998 the Freelander were the official Camel Trophy carFollowing the trend for a smaller, more car-like SUV the Freelander saw the light of the day. It quickly became the best selling 4x4 in many countries but still has its roots firmly planted in the mud. Freelander questions should be sent to David Feely

There are so many unique vehicles, built by the factory, conversion specialists or enthusiasts you could write several books about them. Here's a small collection of what we found.

Bad problems long for desparate solutions- as strapping a mechanic in placeWhat are the problems on specific models? See our Problems Page and choose your favourite model from Solihull. Far from being complete but a starting point nonetheless...


Even extreme suspensions come to their limitsSuspensions are among the most important parts in a Land Rover if you go off road. Read here about modifications, troubleshooting and modern technologies right from the factory...

An heart transplant on a 90 V-8The Engine and Drivetrain page contains information on engine swaps, new tech and lots of troubleshooting hints.

For thirty years Takeo has worked and lived with Land Rovers in remote places... Find out how to cross Siberia driving on the railway tracks or how to cook soop stuck in Venezuela. Questions should be addressed to Takeo De Meter

Here you'll find all about driving through mud, water, snow and sand. Once you're nicely bogged, it will be too late to read our articles on recovery. Includes some non-governmental health warnings. Emergency and recovery questions should be addressed to Takeo De Meter

This is in the Auvergene, a wonderful region of rural FranceLook here for everything travel related. Hints on offroading in many European regions. Features on camper conversions and a special off road trailer page.

Our Australia section contains travel hints, pictures and tracks descriptions for the bulldust paradise. Enjoy a desert with 60000 kms of unsealed roads.

New items added April, 11th, Land Rovers and parts for sale or wanted by our members.

Roadbooks we drove over the last few years. Although most are "members-only" some of them can be viewed.

An farm runabout in AustraliaThis is about those faithful old workhorses who serve as runabouts or farm trucks, still doing their daily work in the true spirit of their conceptors. Read about the last 101 ambulance. I'm planning a military section, so send me more stories and pics please.


This is the section for regular maintenance. From the simplest job for the first-time Land Rover owners to the more complex work and maintenance schedules, you find everything here

MJ Gilbert practisingWhat our friends do to their Land Rovers. Find out what trails and greenlanes are like in other parts of the world. Club activities and the reckless. The Land Rover Club of the Philippines made the first report.

GPS navigation more and more invades our Land Rovers. Read more about what it's all about and for which purpose you could buy such a unit.