Maps and GPS(This page still needs a lot of attention so be gentle with us and don't complain about missing features)
by Alain Hoffmann
Maps and GPS are without doubt the best friends if you ever drive in unfamiliar terrain. Even the world's best GPS however can't help you if you have no map to refer to. But there are so many maps around and not everybody has been in the boy/girlscouts when he was a child. So I will try to put basic and advanced features on GPS, maps and map reading onto this page
GPS basics, how it works and if you really need it.

Moving Maps Programs
A moving map program displays your position on a map in real time so you always see exactly where you are.

Accepts GPS-input A full feature on OziExplorer with setup help and hidden features. Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Accepts GPS-input Euro Route 2.0. Useable for D, NL, B, L, CH and Austria. Pure crap for the rest of Europe. And it's not even cheap. Someone even tested it to be a winner. Overall rating -1 out of 5.
Digital maps

Well, you may rightfully ask what use a digital map is in a Land Rover. Even if it doesn't make much sense at first consider this:

- Ever fancied the idea of having a map with a moving pointer on it indicating your position? This is no SF but you can have it using a digital map, a program like OziExplorer and a cheap second-hand notebook.

- You prefer paper maps? OK, but you can print out digital maps on paper or waterproof plastic. It's cheap and you don't have to worry about the condition of your expensive maps. You can also print your intended route on it without damaging the original.

A last word: If I go into really remote regions like the Outback or the Sahara I will never solely rely on digital maps. A sheet of paper is much more reliable when your life might depend on it.

Reviews For our members ONLY: You can ask for comparisions and I'll email you a screenshot of the area around your home so you can compare what's the best suited for your needs. Remember: This service is FOR MEMBERS ONLY. We do also have some test versions (for members only).

The FALK Reiseplaner CITY 2002/3. A nice product at a very low price. Covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland and surrounding countries.
Rating 4 out of 5

MICHELIN Atlas Routier Europe. Covers all of Europe.
Rating 1 out of 5

The TNT Travelmanager. For the data included it's at a fair price. Covers Europe from Sweden to Spain, from the UK to Austria.
Rating 3,5 out of 5


Paper maps (soon to come)
Michelin maps, IGN maps
OCT maps
Map reading for beginners
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