Uncompetent dealers and other mishaps
This is a good place to let steam off about uncompetent dealers, unfriendly salesman, built-in defaults and just plain bad adresses. Any comment on this page is made in a personal name only, does not imply the opinion of club members nor is it confirmed by a trustable source. Any addition is welcome under condition it can be used with the authors name and email adress.
Land Rover Dealerships

Garage Land Rover Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Europe

This is the main dealership for Luxembourg.

"Mr. X who is the responsible man behind the dealership loudly told everyone at the pub how much we paid for our new Landrovers in Germany. He learned this from a confidential letter and was not supposed to tell it publicly. I consider this a major violation his professional duties." René Gengler, Dippach, Luxembourg

"I had the timing belt changed on my Discovery 200TDi. A week later the crankshaft pulley loosened and fell off while driving. That part of the engine has never been touched before so there was no reason of the bolts coming off. The dealer however affirmed they hadn't touched that bolts. I can't believe this." Alain Hoffmann, Luxembourg

"After the regular 20.000 km inspection of my Defender I checked under the seat and found the battery lying flat on its side. This despite the affirmation that it had been checked during inspection. They also pulled off my genuine trailer sprocket as there was a problem they couldn't locate. So they tore off all the cables running from the socket to the panel and trow it away. This didn't cure the problem however but this didn't bother them. When I took over the car they affirmed the socket wasn't genuine. So I had to pull it our of the rubbish bin and show them the LR label luckily still on. They still affirmed it couldn't be as it was manufactured by Hella. So they went through their stock and triumphantly held up a new complete trailer set. Upon closer inspection they had to admit it was completely identical to the one they tore off. This didn't help me though." René Gengler, Dippach, Luxembourg

"Visiting the dealer to get some minor faults corrected before warranty run out on my Defender I had more complaints later on. The tensioner pulley of the factory installed air condition was whining for several months. So I asked them to change it. First they told me the work had been done. But the wining noise was still there. Then they told me it wasn't possible to get the part as it was not genuine. Even pointing at the factory labels with LR numbers still on some parts didn't change their mind. At the end I was told I had to go to a licensed dealer of the AC. This was delayed until the warranty just run off. I also asked for changing some leaking oil seals: steering box, front diff output etc. All they did was to clean the oil off and wipe it dry. Some days later the oil leaks reappeared but the car now was out of warranty. I complained about the rear brakes making squeeking noises and even locked up once. They tore it apart and reassembled it without doing anything. It probably was just a matter of applying copper grease to the back of the brake pads. They didn't even do that but presented me a hefty bill as there was apparently nothing wrong with the brakes. The noise is still there. They also phoned me to ask where the special nut was for removing the alloy wheels. I told them it was in the center cubby box. They affirmed that it wasn't. So I prepared to drive up there when I got a second call: "We found it now" and in the background I heard a mechanic yelling loudly and complaining about the horrible mess inside the cubby box. When collecting the car once I saw a whole folder full of pictures of my car lying partly covered on the desk. I never allowed them to do this." Alain Hoffmann, Pontpierre, Luxembourg


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