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The Humour page

by Alain Hoffmann

Laugh at your Land Rover before others do



NEW: Cats and Landrovers

How to have fun with a Military Land Rover
Non-linear Physics of a 109 loadbed

And they dare to laugh about US...

The funniest car pictures anywhere. Look at the Sidewinder crash, the Ford Exploder and lots of other hilarous stuff.

Silly trafic laws around the world.

Sorry to destroy your illusions but governements don't always know it better! There's a plethoria of old, arbitrary laws around. This phenomen isn't limited to a special country or a region but it seems to be universal. Although they seem to be widely spread in western countries other parts of the world try to catch up as good as they can.

But wait. There are more laws and regulations which are so silly you will not believe me. But I swear that they, to the best of my knowledge, do exist in the way described in those pages.

Left: Sign at the Kraai river road, South Africa.

Animals'n Rovers

It's a story full of love and hate. Some animals simply love Rovers (why do you think a dog's favorite name is "Rover"?). Others are suspicious, like cats. And still others simply hate them (no self-respecting cow will ever pass a parked Land Rover without rubbing her ass against the door handles). Read here the full story.


For cat lovers see our cat page (MEOUW,NEW)


And for dog people see how dogs and men are the same and why dogs are better than men.

MOT, TÜV and other horrors

Almost all of us have to face once a year a terrible chore, giving us sleepless nights and stomach cramps. No, I don't speak of the tax declaration. I mean the yearly inspection, whatever it's called. In Germany it's the TÜV, in the UK it's the MOT, name it like you want. It's the place where a bunch of incompetent shade-tree mechanics examine a car of which they have absolutely no knowledge. Read here some stories. If you want to add your own story PLEASE send it over.

Oh, if you know the artist of the pic at the left please let me know so I can give him credit

The Oops page

Well, we allknow shit happens. Surprisingly it happens often. Even more surprising is that the same happens twice. So have a look at our Ooops page with a few stories on real world stucks and the famous speed camera trap pictures.

200 or so reasons to own a Land Rover

If you ever engage in a discussion why you own that fuel-burning, oil-leaking, dented rusty bugger and you feel unsure of the answer go here and pick any reason which sounds good. Or makes your wife laugh.

Unusual people

Some people will do almost everything to get photographed. Have a look at those lunatics who use to drive Land Rovers.


1) If you own a soft top drive around wearing a balaclava or old stockings on your head and enjoy the reactions from other drivers

2) Paint your LR in full military camouflage and go through Mcdonalds drive throughs dressed in old military uniforms shouting orders at your passengers ( and the helpfull or pittifull Mcdonalds staff)

3) Carefully craft replica GPMG's from styrofoam and mount them on your vehicle then park in front of a police station and see how long it takes to be surrounded by confused cops threatening you (Annette's comment: not recommended in Belgium)

4) Fly a large flag of another country off your vehicle and drive around shouting for people to surrender and give you all your money ( this is especially funny if you use a flag from a country like New Zealand its even funnier if you have a large stuffed sheep stuck on the front of your vehicle)


Silly Roadsigns

There's quite a number of roadsigns so silly they just have to be true. Here's a nice selection including "Roadsigns of Australia"

Left: This sign on the left is a REAL sign and it belongs to the webmaster of these pages. Billing 2000.

English electrics

Lucas or The Prince of Darkness. The inventor of the self-dimming headlights. Here you can read some thoughts on those wondrous english devices using electricity and providing in 50% of the cases an surprising result. Contains also the Guidelines for Fuse Replacement.

For sale terminology

Ever wondered what "good condition" really means? It's a code known only by insiders. Here you can read what it's all about.

Trafic rules

Why do so many people fix their exhausts with clothes hangers wire? Why aren't roll-down windows fixed? And why do so many people put an old rag in place of a lost gas tank cap? They have already read the secret trafic rules.


Bing---Bing--BIIINGGG. Ever wondered what those gizmo sounds in newer LR's want to tell you? We used high-tech computer translators to compile a comprehensive list of Beeps, Bings and Boings.

German Jokes

Just a couple of jokes in german.

Owner's comments

Here some comments of proud Land Rover owners on their little toys.

Bumper stickers

Our selection of humorous and silly bumper stickers.

Murphy was an optimist

Long research turned up a shocking fact: Murphy was an early Land Rover enthusiast. Read Murphys Laws on Land Rovers.

Tales of the unexpected

Peter Howard from Australia writes about his experiences with Mustang Sally, his Series III in every day's life.