The "Judge Dredd" mobiles

In the year 2139 few vehicles are left on earth, one of them driven by Judge Dredd, a cartoon caracter from the 2000AD Comic. The only safe way to travel in that violent world is in armored taxis- built by Landrover.

So for the Hollywood movie "Judge Dredd", starring Sylvester Stallone, several 101's were equipped with a futuristic fiberglass body. Design work was done by Gordon Sked and David Woodhouse, the vehicles were built by Land Rover. After the movie was finished almost all vehicles were bought by Philipp Bashall and are for sale. The vehicles are not road legal as they are but can be easily made to. All the 101's mechanical parts are retained. This is a hot, noisy vehicle- but what a headturner!

The interior isn't changed except for the one prototype used for interior shooting. Access is quite difficult and there are some other shortcomings like noise, heat and no ventilation. And no reclining seats- so forget about driving to a Disco (notice the spider above the seat)?

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