Freelander Emergency Prodedures

Known problems:   caused by how to recognize: what to do:
Distributor finger coming loose vibration misses, stop tighten it! They are bolted.


1.8 litres petrol engine, 98' on

2.0 litres diesel engine, 98' on

Freelander Fuse Box: Inside the car

Fuse # Rating Used for
2 15A Brake lights
3 15A Wipers
5 10A Starter relais
6 10A Engine control (computer)
7 10A ABS= Anti-lock brakes
8 15A turn signals, hazard
15 20A Central locking
16   Side mounted position lights
18   High beam right side, tail lights
19 10A P
20 15A High beam left side
24/25 10A Low beams
28 10A Side mounted position lights
30 10A Rear window wiper
32 20A ABS= Anti-lock brakes
36 10A Airbag
A Low beams
B Heated rear window
D Electric sunroof
E Electric windows
F Turn signals