I usually don't do this but a make an exception for especially useful items I didn't find elsewhere.

Trail Mate
Off Road Accessories

Range Rover - Discovery - Defender

Manufactured by:
Fabitron Co., Inc.
5111 Gordon Smith
Rowlett, Texas 75088
972-475-3027 Phone/Fax

Sway Bar Quick Disconects

The single best improvment for off road use you can make to your vehicle is to install a set of sway bar quick
disconnects. Keep the tires on the ground in off-road situations and enjoy the on road handling benefits of the anti
sway bar.

Sway Bar Quick Disconnects (Front) per set $195.00
Sway Bar Quick Disconnects (Rear) per set $195.00

Double Joint Rear Radius Arms

Manufactured from 1.25" solid bar to provide maximum strength and improve rear wheel articulation.Solid Bar Radius Arms (Double Joint) per.pair $435.00

Rock Sliders: "Not Just For Looks"

Protect your rear radius arm mounts by installing rock sliders. Manufactured from 3/16" steel plate, hardware
included. Rock Sliders per.pair $295.00

Chromoly Tie Rod

Upgrade your tie rod and drag link with chromoly tie rods manufactured from 1" OD 190 wall tubing for maximum
strength. Steeand Tie Rods per.pair $150.00


White Wolf Hardware

Chuque wrote: When last I talked to him in September (99'), he had been testing the equipment over the summer and was hoping to start manufacturing this winter. From the sounds of things, they were testing the armor pretty hard. I can't wait for them to start cranking these babies out! Send him your e-mail at