The Carawagon

In the 1960's the Sunburry-on-Thames based Carawagon International entered scene with sleeper conversions for 109's.  


The 109 based vehicles had factory approval and when the 1977 sales brochure for Switzerland arrived it had a Carawagon pictured and named it Land Rover Camper- but didn't mention any relation with Carawagon. Later sales leaflets however pointed to Carawagon.

Orders came from different official sources as well as companies as the BBC. Even the army ordered 34 of them and called them Tactical Command Post. I saw one of them in March 98 for sale at a surplus agent so it's likely that they near their end of service life.


The 109's were called Ultimate (2/4 bed Station Wagon with elevating roof) or Continental (2-bed Station Wagon). On the shorter 88inch wheelbase the Safari 88 was offered, a sleeper conversion for Hard Top or Station Wagon.

When the 110's arrived in 1983 those conversions were called Continental (2-bed Station Wagon), Ulysses (2/4 bed Hard Top with elevating roof) and Ultimate (2/4 bed Station Wagon with elevating roof). There was also a derivate of the army's Tactical Command Post on 110's base. Click here for another page on these special cars. And here's TeriAnn's excellent page.

Carawagon closed down in the mid-80's. Some of it's design was briefly revived in 1990 by Woodflaire of Teddington, Middlesex.



The Range Rover conversion

From the 1960's on the Carawagon International had offered seating and sleeping conversions for a number of Land Rovers but mainly the 109" Station Wagon. In 1971 they transformed a Range Rover on the base of an existing vehicle EPK800J which was examined by the engineers of LR in March 1971.

After that it was road tested by "Autocar" and the test was published in the issue of June 24, 1971. It had some shorts compared to the 109's. Internal space was shorter by 7" and the spare wheel was carried inside. The standard full roof could not be fitted and so a smaller roof with only 5ft4inches standing height was fitted (the 109 had 6ft2inches). Apart this everything was on board: Water tanks, a stove a dining table and 2 beds- enough for 2 people.

However only very few Range Rovers have been converted probably due to the price of £3040.- compared to the £2450.- for a 109 conversion with 4 beds. They were still available in lists until 1980.



The Dormobile

Pages will be completed in near future

The Dormobile conversions were a fascinating part of Landrovers history. The conversion was factory approved and built by Walter Ltd. of Folkestone, Kent. For more informations on sources or spares you might try the Classic Camper Club, 9 Lower Interfields, Leighsinton Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 1VV, Great Britain.

This early Dormobile IIA was shown at the 1998 Billings show.

The vehicle was bought in 62' by Mr MS Thirsk who made a 2-year trip around the world in it. After this trip and only 57000 miles it more or less rested undisturbed for 17 years as a chicken shed until being retrieved and towed to Billing. The new owners Simon and Jennifer Debues from Ramsgate/Kent will begin a full restoration soon.

Inside it was even decorated with an straw and a hen's nest complete with plastic animals.

In my opinion one of the best exhibits at Billing that year.

Also at Billing 1998 this 110 Dormobile in front of a Series III.

.The manufaturer of the famous conversion is back. Nicely made although I'd prefer a more "substantial" cloth for the roof. Lifting Roofs for 110/109 at 950 GBP incl VAT (show price), Full standard conversion including lifting roof, 2 bunks, kitchen, cooler, dual batteries, storage lockers and roof rack 4550 GBP incl. VAT and labour.

My only real problem would be with the folding bunk beds. I doubt if they were ever tried out by a good sized middle european male. And that size... But it's up to you to set up something different. Or to live with it.


I found the following adress on The Net: Dormobile Ltd

We produce Dormobile roof conversion kits, internal cabinets, low power fridge units,microwave ovens, stoves, sinks, water storage
systems, etc.

Dormobile Ltd
Simon DeBues
19 Vale Square
Ramsgate Kent
England. CT11 9PP

Fax 44 1843 853 782
Telephone 44 1843 588 833

Here is a link to the Dormobile pages on the Internet.

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