The 110 Tdi does not meet current European emissions legislation. So you cannot register it for use in Europe.

However, in the UK we have a system of Export Registration. Vehicles sold under these schemes are exempt from UK or EU market homologation requirements, so Tdi vehicles can do it. There are 2 versions (the colours relate to the colour of the documents):

1. Blue Book: Allows us to register a vehicle for a customer who is having it shipped direct to a market outside the EU. They are not entitled to drive in the EU. The benefit is that they will have registration documentation for the vehicle an can drive immediately upon arrival at the destination.

2. Pink Book: This is the Personal Export scheme. We register vehicles on behalf of individual customers. They can then drive for up to 6 months in the EU, or 12 months if they are non-UK residents or Diplomats. This scheme currently includes an exemption from UK Tax (Road Fund Licence).

Both systems avoid the customers paying VAT. There is a small administration charge for arranging the documentation with the Department of Transport. The vehicles must leave the EU for at least 12 months. If the customer wants to bring the vehicle back into the UK, it will have to go through a test for Single Vehicle Type Approval.

Export specification 110 Tdi would not meet this test either, so we advise them to purchase TD5 if they plan to bring the vehicle back. On return, the customer will pay VAT on the reduced value of the vehicle at that time.

The rules do change fairly regularly, so it is always worth confirming the situation before making any plans. Conrico is always happy to provide advice. Personal exports that are bound for the developing world are among our specialities.

I hope this is clear.


And later he added:

One of my colleagues has added the following comments and amendments:

Blue Book: This is a Trade facility which can help import procedures. Most countries require you to register your vehicle locally soon after arriving, although many in the developing world are not particularly strict about it.

Pink Book: 12 months use in the EU is only allowed if the customer has been outside of the EU for 365 days in the last two years or 1,095 days in the last six years.

The vehicles must leave the EU for six months. Each individual can only register one vehicle in their name per year. A VAT declaration form is also required - which we can supply. The 110 Tdi does not meet current European emissions legislation. So you cannot register it for use in Europe.