Advertising - The Early Years

This section will be completed with more accurate data as soon as possible.

Land Rover always had a tendency to make appealing advertisements. Very early this showed up.

While the very first adds like the one to the left, dating from 1949, still show the prewar approach of just showing a product it soon became obvious Land Rover had a different approach. It must be said that the product lend itself to a good eye-catching add.


1955- no nonsense, just pure information


Early Badge



1955 - the Station Wagon

The first adds appeared without showing the car itself thus implying the reader already knows what a Land Rover is.

This add also implies that Land Rovers are already widespread

The 60's saw the World Speed Record being beaten by "Bluebird", a purpose-built machine that needed 2 Land Rovers for assistance. Rover did not hesitate to point this out. The Black Period...
Those 2 adds proved to be real eye-catcher and, no, the text are not under the wrong pictures.
Under BL's reign the add's emphasized a lot the old qualities. Of course as there were no new one! BL draw all the money LR earned off to the bottomless pit it was so almost no money was left for new developments.

If you are interested in this matter I can recommend this book. A wonderful reading. Covers advertisement in those early years before those big marketing companies took over and changed the look beyond recognition.

Will be followed by a second edition covering the rest of the time till today.

No longer available AFAIK.