The 101's

Land Rover developed these stout 4x4's for the British Army. I'm really no specialist on these but if I get some time I will fill up my knowledge on them. Above left is the first prototype on an early cold morning at Dunsfold. I parked behind it but quickly moved out of the way- somehow I felt uneasy to have that big cannon pointed at me at arms lenght. The one to the right was owned by a fellow clubmember and is currently being fitted with a 200+HP engine and 20.5" wheels.

Those below show the different versions that existed beside the standard softtop models.

Above: Standard and Judge Dredd 101.

Below:This one's a "Vampire", a very rare car as I was told. Seen at Billing

The vehicle intended to replace the 101's were the Llamas, also built by Landrover. But somehow the deal did not work out as intended so only 5 (?) were built. Shown here at the Dunsfold open days in 98'

In 1999 the last bunch of 101's were released from the British Army. It was such a massive onflow of vehicles that prices dropped dramatically. Here Craddock sold them at the Billing show '99 for £ 2,250, that's about 40% of which they were traded a year before.